At your service Built-Up Felt

Bituminous built-up felt roof systems are mats of fibres coated on both sides with a bituminous coating (which acts as water and weather proofer). The felt surface is then finished with a light sand which stops the felt sticking to itself. Felt roofs can act as insulators, retaining warmth and reducing energy bills. As we are heading toward and environmentally friendly future keeping your house warm and energy consumption low will become increasingly important and sought after. Felts can be along with other roofing materials and there are many materials that can be used in the finishing, which means the roof can be designed to keep with the overall aesthetic of the house. Built-up felts are a cost effective solution for restoring or replacing roofs and can be fitted quickly and easily, reducing disruption for the householders.

Key Benefit

  • Low cost
  • Suits roofs of any size
  • Acts as an insulator
  • Variety of surface finishes
  • Quick and easy to install

IKO, Icopal, Marley, Garland & Bauder approved and registered contractors.

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