At your service Rainwater Systems

First introduced to Britain by the Romans before its reintroduction by the Normans, rainwater systems are essentially the movement of rainwater away from your home towards a safe drainage area. Preventing water from running down the sides of your home is imperative as, if allowed to do so, water will create dampness in the walls leading to mould and wet rot in timber. The systems are usually made from PVC (plastic) or stainless steel. PVC was first used in 1930’s and by 1970’s plastic rainwater systems accounted for over 60% of new installations, as it’s easy to install, low cost, lightweight, and requires minimum maintenance.Stainless steel systems are more durable, don’t rust, are easy to clean, and generally more aesthetically pleasing. There are also many types of gutter guards. Mostly aimed at preventing damage caused by clogging, they help to reduce the need for regular cleaning.

Key Benefit

  • Prevents mould, wet rot and water damage
  • Can last up 50 years
  • Variety of materials to choose from

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