At your service Structural Framing

Structural framing is integral to any structure. Framing gives the roof shape, whilst providing essential strength and support. The added strength allows the roof to cope with a wide array of weather conditions such as layers of snow that have settled on the roof. The most common material used is timber, due to its strength, quick build time, sustainability. Most timber supplying countries have long-standing policies to re-grow more trees than are felled so ipso facto timber is a completely renewable and sustainable resource. In addition, timber is grown all over the world and often used close to where it is produced, helping to grow local economies and reducing the resources used in transport. Timber can be used from many different trees, creating a selection of colours and textures.

Key Benefit

  • Adds strength and support to the structure
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Comes in a variety of colours and textures
  • Limitless design possibilities

Metsec approved and registered contractors.

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